Diamond Dancers

Class Description

If you want to take your dancing beyond the classroom, then the Diamond Dancers are for you! This class combines many forms of dance including theatrical, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and lyrical. This group will study the extensive range of performance art through expression and improvisation. The Diamond Dancers will have many performance and competition opportunities through out the year. All students in the group will have the opportunity to share their collective talents and have a hand in the creative process.

The purpose of the Diamond Dancers is to concentrate on an elite team of individuals dedicated to the art of dance performance. These teams meet once a week to work on choreography, performance, technique, and fundraising for events/performances! We are currently preparing for several dance performances and competitions all over New England.

Diamond Dancers are for the more serious dancer that wants to expand their range in all aspects of performance, competitions, and team work. Our Director of the team has had much success on the competition circuit, including High Point Awards and Special Awards for stage presence, choreography and musicality for her students.

The Diamond Dancers are for ages 5-25 and range from intermediate to advanced levels. Each Diamond Dancer is handpicked and is placed into a team according to the student’s age and level.

We will be working hard with all levels and style backgrounds to put together some amazing and memorable competition dances and performances!

Requirements are attendance to class and participation in all events. Also, hard work and dedication is the key! You will be representing Spotlight Dance Academy’s most elite group of dancers! Sign up today to join this group and to start preparing for your Performance of a Lifetime!

Diamond Dancer Group Photo 2014

Elite/Junior Diamond Dancer Group Photo 2014

Teams, Rates, & Calendar 2014-2015

Prep Class, Ages 5-7
$100 per month*

Class Requirements: Combo class

Teeny Diamond Dancers, Ages 6-9
$110 per month*
$170 per month (Special Unlimited Price!)
Wednesday 4:00PM-5:30PM

Class Requirements: Ballet 1

Mini Diamond Dancers, Ages 9-12
$131 per month*
$170 per month (Special Unlimited Price!)
Wednesday 4:00PM-6:00PM

Class Requirements: Ballet 2

Junior Diamond Dancers, Ages 12-17
$185 Per Month Unlimited*
Wednesdays 6:00PM-9:00PM

Class Requirements: Advanced Ballet + 1 additional class

Elite Diamond Dancers, Ages 14-25
$185 Per Month Unlimited*
Wednesdays 6:00PM-9:00PM

Class Requirements: Advanced Ballet + 1 additional class

*This price includes the class requirements for the team.

$90 Team Jacket & Pants
$20 registration fee
Costume Fees (TBD)
Competition Fees (TBD)

*Due to the nature of some of the scheduled events, travel expenses may require non-refundable deposits.

Scheduled Events:

Other Events are TBD right now.